Industries We Serve

At Safety Erudite Inc. we collaborate with many industries, including the following: 

Safety Erudite has developed and implemented HSE, PSM and OE Management Systems as well as specialized programs for the upstream, midstream and downstream segments of the oil and gas industry. We are highly experienced in all aspects of the business and have brought value to clients in operations, HSE, PSM, Major Projects, Terminals, Marketing, Business Continuity Planning and Training and Competency Management.

We have served clients in Co-generation, Once Through Heat Recovery Steam Generation (OTHRSH) and Steam Power Generation Operators providing HSE management support and training to reduce incidents and improve performance.   

Safety Erudite has supported clients in the areas of HSE, PSM and OEMS in the areas of Lubricants and Methanol production.

Through our partner organizations AG-Safe Solutions Inc. we have developed and HSE implemented Management Systems and Safe Work Practices complete with supporting software for enabling the business.

Our expertise in truck and pipeline transportation is highlighted in our involvement in oil and gas mid-stream and marketing operation.

Safety Erudite mining is experience developing and implementing HSE Management Systems in Oil and Gas Mining.

Our expertise in major projects construction is highlighted in the developing and implementing processes for improving HSE in major projects with the goal of reducing contractor injuries and fatalities. We have also implemented Risk Management programs and Safe Work Practices across pipeline construction and plant / facility constructions.

We have provided comprehensive reviews and recommendations for improving business performance across organizations involved in integrity management and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).